How to pick a scent for yourself

Once you’ve found a scent that you love, it’s time to choose how strong you want that fragrance to be.

The fragrance concentrations can be broken down into five categories:

Eau Fraiche (a body spray or mist): “v1-3% fragrance oil

Eau de Cologne: 0-4% fragrance oil

Eau de Toilette: ‘”5-15% fragrance oil

Eau de Parfum: ‘v 15-20% fragrance oil

Parfum: 00-40% fragrance oil

Having more fragrance oil in the product isn’t always better ,but it’s definitely stronger if thatt s your desire. So, if you’re looking for something highly aromatic, it’s probably best to go with a Parfum or an Eau de Parfum. He also notes that generally higher concentrations of fragrance oil will last longer on your skin than lower ones.

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